Split 7″ Archagathus / Compost out now!

Split 7″ Archagathus / Compost out now!

Finally, after 3 long years this piece of gory minced vegetarian crocodile has seen the light!

You can order your copy for 5 CHF / 4 €uro (w/o shipping) or send your trade proposal as always.

The bands and the other labels will receive their copies soon, so please be patient if you are used to order from / trade with some of them.

Cheers and l’è tütt folklor!





T-Shirt repress and some blablabla…

We are reprinting our last t-shirt design with the alcoholic artwork of the last split 7″ with Terror Firmer after the first run got sold out pretty fast. This time we are also gonna make some pins with the band logo.
Therefore, get in touch if you wanna pre-order one so that we can properly plan the TS sizes order.

The trucker hats with the label design are still available.
Last but not least, still brutally hot and smoking alcoholic fumes, the split 7″ with the almighty Terror Firmer.

By the way, we are celebrating 10 years of L’è Tütt Folklor Records!!! 10 years ago, hidden in the asshole of an alpine valley at 1000 masl, we just started releasing demos of our shitty punk bands on tape and cd-r and it seems we are still wasting our lives and ruining our livers. Waiting for tinnitus and liver failure, we’d still like to unleash some stupid grind bursts always with our lyrics hanging between folklor and dystopic realism.

Thanks to who have supported us and shared some booze with us!

Alègher and l’è tütt folklor!

Attila & co.


Next IAxIA gigs and news about new split 7″

Next IAxIA gigs:

-06.10.12 – Bloody Beast Fest III – Torino, Italy
-20.10.12 – GGS31, Winterthur
-02.11.12 – Bar Tonino, Ponte Tresa

The split 7″ with Terror Firmer is ready to be pressed at the pressing plant. Hope it won’t take too long…

Cheers, beers and cheese!



First event on fuckbook:

Supergrinding 6 way split available now!

It took a while to receive our copies but here it is now and it looks pretty cool and sexy!

The new Supergrinding 6 way split featuring some shitty bands from France, Italy, Switzerland and Poland will make your ass shake like during an earthquake on your toilet!

Buy it now for 10 CHF / 7 €uro or get in touch for trades.



Si ritorna alla merda di sempre…

Oramai la pacchia alpina è finita e si ritorna allo schifo di sempre. Sabato è andata bene e non si poteva ricominciare in maniera migliore l’ammmmore per il casino.
Tanto per fare ecco qualche fötteli degli ultimi mesi:

Leggetevi la rece di Pete The Ripper del nuovo split 7″ Insomnia Isterica / Embalming Theatre e compratelo se ancora non lo avete fra i vostri peggiori acquisti.



New shit out, some news and distro update

Hi there!

The collaboration shit pro CD-R with The People’s Noise Project is now available. Gag wrote this to describe it:
“An insane and funny improvisation jam-session of the 2 founding members of xIAxIAx and TPNP, covering styles such as noisecore, grindcore, doom, punk, sludge, crust… Over 44 min of pure madness, fun and shit! CD-R with printed sticker and 4-page black/white layout incl. great comic-like artwork by GTH! Limited to 150 copies and great as shit!”

Out soon on Vomit Bucket Productions:
Ataraxy / MeVdA “Easter” collaboration 3″ pro CD-R
22 min+ / 3-track harsh drone noise collaboration about the meaning of Easter. Printed 3″ CD-R in mini-DVD-case with black/white artwork and 4-page black/white mini-DVD-insert, limited to 24 copies

Distro update–>click here.



New split 7″ review by Pete The Ripper – Must read!

Hi there!

Here’s a very nice review of our last split 7″ made by Simone of Sore Throat, Nausea and Headache Blog.

Check it out and follow his blog! It’s amazing and quite often updated with a lot of great grind, noise, etc.!

Cheers and take care!