2x New MeVdA releases out!: 2CD Split and collaboration MeVdA / Ataraxy and Split tape MeVdA / Ego Death

MeVdA / Ataraxy – “The End Is The Beginning”, Collaboration and Split, 2x pro CD-R with full colored artwork

Once again, Gag and I teamed up for another release. This time we decided to release something even more special, thus a collaboration and a split. The collaboration is made by two long pieces recorded in Ticino on the 30th of December of 2013 during Gag’s last visit. The split tracks were recorded later on individually.
Expect a rich mix of analog noise, harsh noise and drone for almost 2 hours of spiral madness.

Price: 7.30 CHF / 6 €uro (w/o shipping)



MeVdA / Ego Death – Split tape

I’m very happy about this release with Manos. I’ve been following his project with much interest and it’s a pleasure to finally release something with him.

Price: 4.50 CHF / 3.50 €uro (w/o shipping)


mevda-ego death - split tape cover


MeVdA / Joel Gilardini, “Mulo vs. Muto”, split tape out now!

Here’s another new noisy release!

The split tape between MeVdA and Joel Gilardini is out now on L’è Tütt Folklor Records!

Side A features two tracks by MeVdA: the first one is a long chilling track with thunderous outbursts which will make your ears bleed; the second one is a multilayered piece of drones with many variations and manipulations.
Joel Gilardini on side B also delivers two tracks of experimental noise: he experiments with both static and very manipulated sounds ranging a high spectrum of emotional states.

Since I, Attila of MeVdA and Joel play together in Mulo Muto, we decided to also count this as an official Mulo Muto release.

Get it for 5 CHF / 4 Euro (w/o shipping) by writing an e-mail to insomnia_isterica(at)hotmail(dot)com and in the meanwhile check the digital version on bandcamp out!





Immag0036 Immag0037 Immag0038 Immag0039 Immag0040 Immag0041

Mulo Muto – New experimental doom noise project


MULO MUTO is a 2 headed monster created and (un)directed by Joel Gilardini (treated guitars, loops, noises) and Attila Folklor (drums, noises).
MULO MUTO is a ritual trip inside your worst nightmares and an impredictable mix of doomed noises.

Beware the monsters, beware yourself!

Check us out on:


and take a listen to:

MeVdA – Safari Vuoto


Zurigo, 04.08.12, 04:10

<<Perso nel lungo peregrinare di un ululo sordo, libero il pensiero verso insperati miraggi che sanno di alieno.
Non ricerco ne miro ad alcun recondito significato, tutto porta al semplice vagare perpetuo di un’essenza troppo trasparente per potersi colorare.>>

Special release per la noise performance con Nagel durante la mostra “Safari” di Meresk presso la Galleria Fuori Orbita, Locarno, 08.08.12.

All electronics by MeVdA
MeVdA is MeVdA
Recorded during a safari in the middle of the night between August the 4th and the 5th 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland
Contact: insomnia_isterica at hotmail dot com
Listen: folklorrecords.bandcamp.com

Live noise performance with MeVdA // Nagel – 08.08.12 Locarno


Come alcuni di voi dovrebbero già sapere, mercoledì 8 agosto dalle 22 alla Galleria Fuori Orbita di Locarno ci sarà del casino sonoro mica da poco.

Qui tutte le info:



Sul posto ci sarà un’ulteriore piccola sorpresina…




New MeVdA release out now!

New MeVdA release finally available from me too!!!


VBP 097 – MeVdA / Ataraxy “In Torment” pro split CD-R
released on March 10th 2012
Without planning it, this split release turned out to be the second release featuring both MeVdA (Switzerland) and Ataraxy (Germany) about the topic “Easter”. MeVdA’s part of the split is a 20 minutes drone noise / harsh noise track and Ataraxy contributed a HNW-recording of almost 20 minutes with different stuff on the left and right speaker.
CD-R with black/white sticker with black/white layout for slim-DVD-cases and a black/white insert, limited to 30 copies

Get in touch to order your copy.


L’è Tütt Folklor Records is on bandcamp!

L’è Tütt Folklor Records is finally on bandcamp!

You are now able to download some of our releases in high quality for free.

Enjoy and share it to the martians!




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