New stuff in distro! DRAINLAND “And So Our Troubles Began” LP + other stuff!





-Insomnia Isterica / Gokurtrussell, “Disillusione”, Split EP, 2010. New release for IAxIA following some new powerful grind paths while keeping a strong punk attitude and first release ever for GKR: extreme fastcore or blastbeat punk as they like to call it with 3/4 of IAxIA members. Incredible artwork which explains the whole dystopic atmosphere of this record. 6 CHF / 4 €uro

-Drainland, “And So Our Troubles Began”, LP. Very dark sludge hardcore from Ireland full of uneasiness and discomfort. Just a great record! 15 Fr / 11 €uro

-Disleksick / Paucities, split EP. Wonderful split between two very talented band, especially Dx. Strictly limited to 100 copies, so be fast! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
1x Left

-Dispersiaa / Sakatat, split EP. Undisputably one of the best releases of 2010! This is raw fucking grindcore in your face! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
3x Left

-Godeater / Kurt Russell, split EP. Two US bands playing powerviolence with a different approach but always very enjoyable 6 Fr / 4 €uro
3x Left

-Lymphatic Phlegm / 2 Minuta Dreka, split EP. Two heavy weights meet for a gore party. 6 Fr / 4 €uro
5x Left

-O / Hungry Like Rakovitz, split EP. Brand new split EP between two very interesting Italian bands. The first one came from the ashes of Deprogrammazione and takes the boundaries of grindcore even further with black metal and postcore elementes. HLR, after their great “Holy Mosh” EP, deliver a fresh mix of grind with thrash and hardcore elements. You can’t be wrong! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
5x Left

-Repulsione / SMG, split EP. New split EP between two ultra active and cult bands joining their forces to bring some more noise to the world. Awesome! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
2x Left

-Terror Firmer / Eating Machine, split EP. Brand new split between two uragano forces. TF plays old school grindcore with ’80s thrash influences and they just rules; EA is a 2 piece from Florida and will blown you away with their grind/pv. GRIND! 6 Fr / 4 €uro
3x Left

-Kancroide, “Nightmare Before A Dream”, CD, 2010. First release for this young Italian band. Hardcore with grind elements very inspired by Cripple Bastards. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
13x Left

-Un Quarto Morto / Entact, split CD. Another great release from both. We’ve playied with them more than once and they just know how to make fast music with intelligent lyrics. Comes with handmade artwork. 10 Fr / 7 €uro
3x Left

Here’s the rest of the list.




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