1st post: useful links and general information

Hi there!

I’d like to give you some info about me, my band and my record label I co-own with a friend of mine.

First here are some links you might look at:

band and label website

band myspace

“old” blog written in Italian only

About me:
Nothing really interesting and important to say…
I’m Swiss, I’m 21 years old and I study agronomy in Zurich.
My interests are music (grindcore, brutal death metal, sludge, etc.), my lovely family, nature and reading.
I’m Christian but I’m not used to break balls eheh.
I play drums and vocals in Insomnia Isterica and I’m involved in another death metal project that’s coming out step by step from a previous band.
In the past I played drums in Brigata Resistenza and with GTH I started L’è Tütt Folklor Records from a GTH idea to release records from our own. In few words, our start with DIY ethic without knowing it at all at that time eheh.





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